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Thursday, 2 August 2007

Reportage Scotland

Reportage Scotland. Events - both major and minor - as seen and recorded by Scots throughout history. Which king was murdered in a sewer? What was Dr Fian's love magic? Which cardinal was salted and put in a barrel? Why did Lord Kitchener’s niece try to blow up Burns's cottage? The answers can all be found in this eclectic mix covering nearly two thousand years of Scottish history. Historian Louise Yeoman's rummage through the manuscript, book and newspaper archives of the National Library of Scotland has yielded an astonishing range of material, from a letter to the King of the Picts to Mary Queen of Scots' own account of the murder of David Riccio; from the execution of William Wallace to accounts of anti-poll tax actions and the opening of the new Scottish Parliament. Reportage Scotland: Scottish History in the Voices of Those Who Were There. Scottish News.

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